G.O.S.H. 65th Anniversary Reunion A Titanic Success!!!!!


 Unbelievable!!! Outstanding!!! Tremendous!!! Too much laughter, too much fun, too much food, too much frivolity, too much hilarity, and too much excitement!!!!!

 The foregoing represent the unbiased comments from the June 23rd G.O.S.H. Family Reunion.  There were approximately 50 family members in attendance, including one of the newest family members, Reese Glasco, age 4 months (grandson of May Sue and Gene Glasco; son of Gene, Jr. and Michele).  Also present were Alfred and Ethel Chaplin from San Antonio, TX; Edward and Julia Chaplin from Summerville, SC; Charles and Mary Green from Statesville, NC and Marianne Lohr from Winterville, NC, among the "out-of-states" who traveled considerable distances to attend.  Jim and Gail Cook, and their son Jamie came all the way from Dublin (Virginia), still quite a hike.

 Alfred Chaplin and Mary Bernard Short were comparing birth certificates about who was older.  Mary Bernard just turned 90, and Alfred is 91.  Wow!  It was also good to have Billy and Linda Chaplin attend again, as well as Charles and Mary Green.  Evelyn Carney had her son Keith and his family, minus one daughter, in attendance, plus her granddaughter, Emily, who is attending college at VCU.  Charlene MacDonald had a number of her family members, as did Geneva Owen.  We had good attendance from the Short side of the family and the Owen side, bud did not hear anything from the Howell side this year.  Anne Reese Carson was back this year in rare form, as usual!

 The highlight event of the entire GOSH Reunion this year was a slide presentation by Gene Glasco, Jr., about his personal efforts to bring GOSH into the Technology Age, through the creation of the GOSH Family Web site!!  How cool is that?!!!!?  He has done an outstanding job and made a great presentation of interest to everyone.  The GOSH Family Web site can be found at http://goshfamily.com  If you go to that web site, you can see pictures he has put on the site, as well as other information about family events.  His e-mail address is on the site.  He has invited everyone to send him family-related information, pictures or documents for posting on the GOSH Web site.  This is a fantastic way for all family members who have computers to stay in touch with family happenings throughout the year.  Let's make use of this important information tool and send Gene things about your family to share with everyone else.  The GOSH Fund is paying the web site fee, but Gene is doing all the work himself for the family.  Thanks, Gene!!!!

The 2007 GOSH Reunion Committee carefully planned a "Roasting" of one of the family's most revered members, Dr. Robert R. Chaplin, Jr.  Supposedly reliable family members were recruited to perform this fun event.  Through what can only be described as deviousness and treachery, these supposedly reliable family members engaged in an underhanded conspiracy with Dr. Bob Chaplin, to turn the tables on the Loyal Committee Members and to Roast the unsuspecting and innocent non-family member who was laboring mightily to hold the Reunion Event together with decorum, dignity and class, as GOSH Master of Ceromonies, namely the erstwhile and shy, retiring Joseph Howard.  The miscreants who engaged in this dastardly conspiracy, in addition to Dr. Bob Chaplin, were none other than the so-called "respected and honorable personages" of Edward "Turncoat" Chaplin, and Tom "Snake" Reese!  Needless to say, Joe Howard was totally surprised by this change in the planned events and has yet to recover (and probably never will).  Poet Laureate of GOSH, Edward Chaplin, led off the conspiracy with one of his now famous ditties, laying the groundwork for the grand scheme ambush of the befuddle Joe Howard.  This was followed by Dr. Bob Chaplin, himself, being transformed from "Roastee" to "Roaster".  He presented his research into the background of the shocked Joe Howard.  Dr. Bob's professional conclusion, after diligent research, in which he could find out anything about Joe Howard, was that (1) Joe had never done anything and (2) Joe was in the Federal Witness Protection Program!!!!  He therefore dubbed Joe with the now permanent nickname of "The Phantom".  Not to be outdone, Tom Reese, presented a litany of events and transgressions that he concluded could only have been perpetrated by someone of Joe Howard's expertise.  Tom blamed all problems associated with William and Mary, the U.S. Marine Corps and the legal profession on the unsuspecting Joe Howard!

Needless to say, everyone in the audience laughed long and loud at these totally hilarious presentations by the "Gang of Three"!!!!  It was all in good fun and certainly kept everyone in the mood of frivolity and good fellowship.  All in attendance (including Joe) were impressed with the way this surprise was pulled off by the co-conspirators!  Ed, Bob and Tom always have a way of upsetting the best laid plans!!!!

We plan to have the next GOSH Family Reunion Luncheon at the ame location with our same caterer on Saturday, June 21, 2008 at 10:00a.m., as usual.  Maybe we will try to roast Dr. Bob Chaplin again, this time with reliable family members!!!!!!

 Many thanks to Elizabeth Cook for all of her work in coordinating the caterer, flowers and many other tasks.  Special thanks also to Geneva Owen and her family for their efforts in getting the room set up for us, and for coordinating with the Masons for the use of the facility again this year.  Thanks to Jackie Chaplin who did the address labels, despite having just had shoulder surgery.

See y'all next year for more family fun, excitement, food and fellowship.

THE PHANTOM and Your 2007 GOSH Family Reunion Committee