The June 23rd 2007 GOSH Family Reunion will be the 65th Anniversary of the first Reunion held in 1942 at the Belfield Hotel in Emporia.  It was agreed that everything possible should be done to encourage all to attend, if possible.

Several major items of business were transacted.  It was reported that the GOSH Fund was expected to be approximately (please e-mail for total) to the good after paying the Reunion expenses.  The Family members present felt that it would encourage more families with children to attend if the cost for the meals for children could be eliminated.

It was agreed to reduce or eliminate the charge for meals for children next year, depending on the status of the GOSH Fund.  It was also agreed to increase the donation to the Masonic Lodge for the use of the facility from $100 to $200 this year.  Lastly, since Spilman Short Sr was the individual who got the GOSH Reunion going again, and he is now in an assisted living situation, it was agreed to send him a suitable floral display on behalf of the GOSH Family.